Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas shopping~☆

Today I went shopping with my sister again to look for a Christmas present for mom, since dad's was more expensive... x) I finally took pictures with the snowmen in one of the malls! You can click to make them bigger in case you want to see how awesome I look in them (haha...). This Christmas tree is cute with snowflakes and stuff in it, I'd want a pink one!
I love Christmas decoration in public places, but I'm sure this is nothing compared to many other places in the world. xD Although for being my small town of 135 000 people, I think it's OK.



キャセデイ said...

Our mall has hardly any interesting decorations in it! The only cool thing was a small band playing live music.

Tirin said...

oh really? that sucks.. but live bands are nice too :)