Monday, December 6, 2010


So 2010 is soon over and it was an awesome year, it is an awesome year, so far, even though I've hated it at times. My best memory of this year was easily the trip to Japan. I hated preparing for it (a lot of homework, etc.), but it was so worth it! I even loved the presentation in Japanese in front of 100 people, and the presentation when we got back home in front of the 2nd year students who studied Japanese and principals! Mine and Alex's evening walk in Shibuya was awesome, and taking purikura in rainy Akihabara, meeting Ayaka and her friends in Kyoto... Oh and I will never forget our hotel room-party the last night there!

Second on the "best event"-list I'll have to put the trip to Rome with Latin class, even though my friends complained a lot (I thought I was the one who usually complained, haha) and didn't want to go out much. Also I hated how disgustingly flirtacious the Italians were (seriosuly, even men with kids and old people), but I love to travel and there were lots of things to see there. I loved the nun who bowed down to me and started praising me or something. She must've thought I was an angel ;D (umm...?) My teacher was so funny the last dinner we had together there, and it was nice visiting Pompeii with the beautiful view there.

On third place comes graduation! I got more presents then than on my b-day, and "flaket" was the most fun ever! They're gonna ban it from now on though, because someone died when the board-thingy of the truck tipped (and probably also because people get really drunk on there and the music is seriously loud). I even liked singing Gaudeamus igitur (I still know all the lyrics) in front of the whole school, and the party that night was fun too, even though a wasted guy touched my face, eww... Writing in each other's graduation caps was nice, even though I wasn't really friends with most people in my class.

Other fun things were for instance when Alle (my dutch friend) was visiting and we went to lunch with the people I went to Japan with, when Lina and I were stalked by some 15 year olds, "Utklädnadsshowen", the trip to Germany/Luxembourg, and taking care of Speedo (it's a dog!!!). I've met lots of great people this year, and overall (despite the fact that I've been down lately) it has been the best year so far. You've been challenged, 2011!



Joanna said...

Vill du bli dagens blogg?:)

juju said...

Yeah , hard to have a better year then yours ! glad for you ;)