Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today it was freezing cold (like -5 C) so I went outdoors to take photos! Here are some (and no, I don't have white hair, it's the light and some effects [necklace heart says "snö" which means snow]);
I love how starry the sky is in winter :) Karlavagnen utanför mitt fönster liksom ♥ But it's so light with the snow and all, hard to sleep! It's gotta be dark when you sleep or else you won't sleep well. Annoying, annoying. Okay sooooo... I don't know what to get my family for Christmas :(



Omid said...

oh Tilde, you loook even more beautiful in white hair! what do you think your self about white hair?

and another question Tilde, do you like to have 100% black hair! I think you will look awesome in black hair because your skin is white and your eyes are blue! I suggest you try to color your hair in black in future! ;)

good luck my friend.

Tilde said...

hahaha i would NEVER dye my hair dark, never never never!

Omid said...

hahaha :D hahaha really?

why? what about other colors?
I guess you don't like dying! well somehow you are right, because many girls dye their hair to your hair color, why you should dye your hair in black! you're right Tilde! ;)

Lilmargi said...

I'd love to have so fair hair!!! My hair is almost brown, too boring and common. But, I don't know why, but I refuse to dye it. Though I've always dreamed of being a beautiful blonde, I think that is for girls like Tilde, not for me. I don't feel blonde, I can't explain ha ha...

Tilde said...

haha yeah some people don't understand it, but you have to feel blonde to be blonde! hair colors are more than just hair colors, somehow xD