Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who is that? >_>

So yesterday when I was looking for pics of me and Zlata (old ones), I came across some really old ones from when my style was completely different! I suppose everyone has had an emo/punk/rocker part of their life and mine was so weird... Look at this;
I look like a completely different person xD I wanted to have black hair back then (and I wanted to cut it short and cool - so happy I didn't do it! haha), but my mom wouldn't let me, so i dyed it brown, at least most parts of it. So in the old pic, that brown-ish hair is (obviously) not my real hair color.

Okay so I'm reading this book (omg I'm reading a book!! xD) called Tokyo hostess, which is based on true events about this young British girl who went to Tokyo with her friend to earn some money serving drinks, etc.. and ended up being murdered. It's really interesting, and scary! Now I understand why our teacher didn't want us to go to certain areas in Tokyo, haha.

Don't tell my mom, but tomorrow/on Tuesday I will get two new pair of shoes... :O It's a secret, but I'll show show you how awesome they are once I get them! Speaking of materialistic things, I need to buy some christmas presents :/


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Omid said...

you are pretty in both photos! ;)

but I prefer your 2010 photo cuz it looks like a very expensive Mattel Barbie Doll! ;)