Monday, November 8, 2010

Update: Me and God!

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I think I look so different in straight hair... I look older...? xD Or maybe not... Aaaanyway! It's already Monday today, where did the weekend go?? Today it's ANTM, yay! and I have two new shirts that I'll show you later (one black and one white, they're sooo pretty ♥)! Also, I want to change my earring, but I have to wait like 4 more weeks! That sucks... plus it's like -1 degree today (celsius, of course)! So cold! I want summer back! :(:(:(

I figured this post was boring, so I'm gonna write about what the title says; me and God! I guess you can see where I stand in this straight away, since I put myself before God (at least I spell it with capital G...). I'm an atheist. I'm not saying there is no God, I just don't believe in one. I've talked to lots of extremely religious people, and they tell me I'll go to hell for not believing... umm who are they to judge me? I thought God was the only one to judge.

Actually, my sister is kinda religious. She doesn't go to church but she's always like "aren't you scared God will punish you for not believing in him and blablabla?". Why would I be scared? I mean if there is a God then he should be happy he created free minded people with their own opinions and ideas. I have the right to believe whatever I want, why else would "God" have made me that way? xD

Ah whatever... I just don't like people who think they're superior because they're religious. That's just stupid.



El Parisian said...

i think same . i'm the contrary of religious , i'm scientist . i believe in what i can see . i don't believe in old texts , books , bibles or anything else saying above humans there's a god .. if it's true , why all people in dramatic situations ( natural disaster for example ) has no help from " HIM " ? going to church everyday and at the end when u pray him , oh strange NOTHING .. stop being blind , religions are just creations to " help " scared people about the question " death = end of all ? " that's all .. so when i see religious wars and more , i'm sad .

Tirin said...

yeah and i think it's also a way to not take responsibilities for your actions and such because "it's God's will" and whatever... but on the other hand, i guess it's a comfort to believe in God and heaven if someone close to you dies, etc.

i don't have a problem with people being religious, i just think it's dumb when they think they're better than the people who aren't.