Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This post is made of boredom, don't pay too much attention to it

I just realized I have a lot of black clothes. When I was younger I had a friend who complained a lot that I always dressed in something black, whether it was a top, a cardigan, jeans, a bag, a scarf... if I had anything black on, she complained about me always wearing something black! A friend now told me she never sees me in black! I do wear it a lot, but appearantly not when I'm with her, haha. But really, everybody looks good in black, why would someone even get the idea to complain about that?

Anyway, right now I'm listening to the newest album of Anberlin! I love them! Love Stephen Christan's voice ~♥ All their songs are good, and a lot of them are awesome! They are my number one top artist (band) on, followed by The Perishers!

I want to traaaaavel! I so miss the Japan trip, not only because of the country, but also because of all the friends I went there with! We had soooo much fun! I have never had that much fun on a trip before! Here's a pic from Harajuku. You can't see the ground, just an ocean of black/brown hair.

Also, I love those of you who prefer my hair curly, since that's what my hair naturally looks like :) Even though I've started to love having straight hair, my curls are amazing<3


Love Jade said...

I have the same thing with black clothes, just in these past couple of years that I started to wear more colors

Tilde said...

yeah well black is such a basic color, it looks great with everything! :)