Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Probably the worst gyaru secret ever

Still posting my egoness
Why am I on gyaru secrets? :( That's why I'm not trying to become "famous" on the internet within this fashion, so that I wouldn't end up there xD FAIL!

Why was she asking if my lashes are real when they obviously are not in that pic, and I write a lot about wearing fake lashes (which is the main thing about this style, geez!)!! and why was she asking if my hair color is real when ALL gyarus dye their hair? This doesn't make any sense. And no, I cannot reply directly to the person who made that post since they're all anonomous and I don't have an account there (however I did write a comment there, not sure if it will be posted though)... but it's okay. I just don't get why that person is reading my blog if she doesn't like me.

And it's not that I need everyone to like me and get super upset when someone doesn't, it's just that I'm not used to people writing mean things or criticising me without a reason. Before I joined a few communities recently, I had never had a person being mean to me for no reason at all. The thing is (and this might sound weird coming from myself), I'm a really good person. I have never hurt a person intentionally without a reason, and not even with a reason, unless I'm in an argument or something. I know I like making comments on people on TV or whatever, but come on, who doesn't? And it's not like they're hurt because of it since they will never found out anyway. My point is; there's too much hate among the western gyarus. Let people be people! If you don't like a person's style, you don't have to tell her, or make a post about it where 1000s of people can see your hate for that person. Just keep it to yourself, or your close friends if you feel like it's necessary to gossip about it.

I try to focus on the people who actually appreciate my pics and like my style! If you don't, then don't visit my blog! I don't post pics all the time on random communities for you to criticise me (and if I do, I do it on Forever Gyaru, because all girls there are nice and give helpful critique)! I still like to read Gyaru secrets, but I have never liked when they hate on girls who did nothing to them. We should try to help each other improve our style, so why aren't we?

I just had to write that. Of course I don't hate the person who made that "secret" about me, I just feel it's unnecessary not to ask me if I wear fake lashes or if this is my real haircolor or whatever you're wondering. I'm a person too, plus I'm nice and I reply to comments and e-mails! :) So if you have any questions about me or my style, just ask!

My sister is coming soon, so I can't write more! Plus I'm hungry, haven't had lunch yet... Soooo hejdå!



melisa said...

vad är det för hemsida du snackar om? :)

btw, skit i folk som skriver massor med skit, dom är antagligen bara svartsjuka :)

Tilde said...

det är en sida där folk skriver anonyma "hemligheter" (åsikter) om folk inom ett visst mode :P

jo jag vet, man ska inte bry sig x)

Anonymous said...

I understod the secret as:
Are those lashes/haircolor actually existing or did you just shop' 'em on at the same time you were overseeing the fact that the smudge opacity should NOT be 110% if you want your shoppin' to look natural.

It really looks like you added the lashes in photoshop, since you oversmudged your face.

Tilde said...

i did not photosop anything on, and i didn't want a natural result or else i wouldn't have made that effect so strong, duuuh. :P

Laurence said...

I have Cs3 photoshop and i am an exspert on it.
she hasnt done anything of that sort!
you are blind :L:L
Leave this girl alone you too afraid to show your true self Anonymous shit c***T!

you Look amazing and i love your huge hair and eyes!