Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Barbie shoes :)

 I made a video blog today where I'm just talking randomly and showing my new shoes! I lovelovelove my new shoes! ♥ Too bad I can't wear the pink ones outdoors for a couple of months...



☆shawna☆ said...

haha you're funny 'unless u wanna learn some swedish words.... but... no" lol`~~~~
I'm part swedish but no interest in sweden XD

anyway, I love those black booties you just got *_* to die for~

Tilde said...

oh you are?? hahah i can understand the lack of interest... there's not much to do here, just nice (small) cities and lots of nature.. :P

and yessss, they look so good on! :D:D

Shimono said...

Nice blog, funny video (I really hope you did INTEND to be funny, otherwise I am just calling you a clown and that would be impolite ;).

I will talk to you in interpals (actually, I got here from there, internet is some seriously crazy stuff isn't it?) so please answer me...

See you!