Saturday, November 20, 2010

It has been snowing all day....

I went out in the snow to take photos. I took quite many but I'll only show you a few. Let's start with a pic of me with no makeup. Baby face :/
And here it is without the effect, just so no one will complain (you can click on it to make it bigger):
Everything's white outdoors, so I wanted to capture some colors in this pic...
 Snowy bench... xD
That's all the pics I'm gonna show you now! I'm watching a Swedish comedy show (Cirkus Möller) at the moment, it's fun! :D Hmm I want popcorn... and a zombie movie! Yay! I think it's time for another video blog.. I'll make one!



Omid said...

Good Morning Tilde!
how are you today?

very nice and romantic photos!
I used the third picture as my mobile background because it's really romantic especially with combining the green and white as the main colors!
I wish I were in Sweden these days!

actually in my city(Tehran) we have snow just in winters and not in whole winter , just someday at the middle or at the end of the winter!

I can guess that you don't like snow because you always see it,right?!:D
you know Tilde, when I am in a warm weather I wish cold weather with snowing all the day and night! but when I am in cold weather with snow, I wish a very very hot weather to burn my self!:D
I am like those migratory birds that they emigrate to cold places when they are in warm places and they emigrate to warm places when they are in cold places!:)
but there is a difference between me and those birds and that's I don't have wings to emigrate to wherever I want with cold or warm weather!

oh Tilde,I talked too much!

Lilmargi said...

I love snow pics, but I need to feel warm. It's 18ºC here, and I think it's too much cold hahaha... I wonder what would I do if I were in Sweden, oh my God, I'd die