Sunday, November 7, 2010

Internet guys

First, a pic of me, my outfit and my hairstyle;
Okay so... what's up with guys who can't handle rejection? Like they ask to webcam and you don't want to so they go crazy! "You're so ugly and stupid!" or maybe even "you're a fucking slut" and other insults - riiiight... That's so very mature of you guys, your parents did an awesome job raising you! Such gentlemen... :) Funny thing is, those guys are often nice in the beginning, and more than once have they said "I'm ugly", and me (being as nice as I am) telling them a little white lie that they're not ugly.. and theeeen they think I love them and go insane when I don't want to webcam or whatever! That is sooo pathetic, it's so pathetic I pity them. Poor guys. No one wants them. No one will ever want them.

Except it often turns out they already have girlfriends (wow that's so respectful to them)! Like today I talked to a guy I don't even like talking to, so when he wanted to have a sex talk and I told him I didn't want to talk to him, he started insulting me, and it turned out he had a gf. He also started talking about how much prettier she is than me. - So what the hell are you doing on your computer talking me? Huh? I don't know his girlfriend, but I'm sure she deserves so much better. I hope he won't ever have kids. We don't want any more guys with those genes out there, do we? :)

I'm so happy most guys have an IQ over 50 (I know, I know, it has nothing to do with IQ, but if you're gonna act that immaturely, you can't have a properly working brain). Now that's all for today about Internet guys! I know most girls can relate to this, so no complains about this post, please.



Deathsoul said...

hi there
this post was soooo
most of mens are triying and willing to chat
thne flirt
thne see girls in web cam
and after that IF if it happend
thing they have do it and in our sily minds we think is done the girl i nthe other side is a gf hahaha pathetic i know huh :D
well an advise we ae not alwys liek that yes i m a boy :D
sometimes we or I search only for friendship and then possibly it turns in more :)

huggs to ya :)
greetinfs from mexico :D

CHOLAKEY said...

Well, they are a lot of stupid guy in the world!
i'm completely agreeing, hehe