Thursday, November 25, 2010

I was sewing today again!

Hej hej! So I don't want to be one of those bloggers showing off in bikini, buuuut I MADE this one (from one bikini top and two bikini bottoms + some gold fabric and a brooch)! It took quite long since I had to sew most of it by hand - my fingers are dead now...
I think it looks much better on, even though it doesn't fit perfectly I'm happy with the results :) Not sure how good it is to swim in though... luckily I don't like swimming in the ocean or whatever since I'm scared of the fishes and stuff in the water... xD



キャセデイ said...

It looks really good!

And you're scared of fish? Whyyyy?

juju said...

wou tilde i love it ! stylish :)

Tirin said...

thank you :)

haha i don't know.. i just don't like when they're in the water where i can't see them!