Friday, November 19, 2010

I made my own top!

Semi-straight hair today! Plus I was sewing a top! It turned out pretty well (it's the white one I'm wearing in the pics). I like it alot! Gonna make another one, I think :)

Anyway, I'm not really in the mood to blog (my sister is forcing me)... People just always seem to have something to complain about these days, about me I mean. Family, friends, everyone... except my siblings, they're always there for me even though my brother acts like he doesn't care sometimes. If Z would still be around (no, she's not dead), we would probably have gone on one of our "We hate everything"-evening walks. I miss those... I miss my old life, I was so happy... even though I didn't think I was back then. Vad hände?

I hate suffering from the Cindrella symdrome/complex.



Honey said...

I really love your hair, it suits you^^
And I think the Top seems to be very cool, too

Tirin said...

thank you :)

Lilmargi said...

I like sewing too, but I'm too lazy. Good job, it suits you perfectly.

Omid said...

oh Tilde, I got sad when you wrote "People just always seem to have something to complain about these days, about me I mean." why should people complain about a perfect girl? you are a good girl, really.;)

and don't worry about old life Tilde, I'll do my best to invent time-machine and give it to you to make you happy as you travel between past and future! but I don't know that you will do blogging until then or not? because our connection is through this blog!:)

by the way , your top is really fine, you are a good tailor!:)