Sunday, November 21, 2010


Eric and me
So today my parents and I went to like a Christmas market, but there were no interesting things there, except candy :) haha It was soooo cold though because of the wind! Now I'm watching documentaries and eating some of the candy! I loooove documentaries! ♥ People who don't are weird..

I'm getting a cold :(:( Ah today was the episode of Gossip Girl with the Swedish artist Robyn! Fun xD

Btw... I dreamed that I was a Swedish teacher at an American high school or something! Haha it was so weird and funny... I think I would make an awesome Swedish teacher, I came up with some great ideas how to teach Swedish to people.. buuut I guess I can't do that without an education x)



Omid said...

haha, nice photo!
but why your brother cover his eyes with his hand?
maybe its because to make fun or maybe its a model , right Tilde?

Omid said...

wow, what are your ideas for teaching Swedish?

I really love to learn Swedish , I also know some basic phrases but it's hard for me to speak fluently!
can you help me, Tilde?

I can teach you persian(Iranian language) too! :D