Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feminist - javisst!

Uuuughhhh so I talked to this ass, who acted as if he knew me by saying "people like you"... blablabla... What is people like me? Women who speak their mind? Freeminded women who aren't afraid to be themselves? He said (and I quote) "Even i don't want handle freeminded womans. why should i care of them ? they bitches. whore."

Oh so freeminded women are whores? Yeaaah that makes perfect sense. Women who have their own opinion about things are whores. All modern women are whores.
Either he was abused by a woman which traumatized him for life, or he's just so insecure about himself he just can't handle strong women. With other words; he's a loser.


Ayame said...

He has what I call "little man syndrome". Meaning, he wants a brainless idiot to follow him around like he's the king of the world.

Those guys are such jerks.

Tilde said...

yeah seems like it. he must suffer from that syndrome because no sane people would say such things