Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DH on TV today! Yay!

Hej hej! How are you? :) Tomorrow my sister is coming to visit since we're going to a funeral on Friday. I don't have any classes from now on (this week, I mean). Awesome!
Omg, no bangs today! :D I have to go eat dinner now so I can't write more, but I might make an update later. We'll see!

Hmm the best quote was said on Desperate housewives; "of course you can trust me - I'm beautiful!" xD Haha that's all the update I have... except that I lovelovelove cinnamon+apple tea! ♥



Secret said...

Awesome without bangs ;D

ベーサ said...

You're so pretty!

Wasn't it hard to keep your eyes open? ^^ When I put fake lashes I can barely see haha


Tirin said...

Thank you! :)

haha depends on the lashes.. sometimes (especially with new lashes) it's annoying to wear, but I get used to them quickly x)