Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative day :)

This is the dress I made today!
 This is what it looked like before:
Not exactly my style with a maxi-dress, so I made it shorter, tighter and gave it a little more V-neck. I like it now, but I wasn't too sure about the sleeves... although I decided to keep them because I already have so many sleeveless dresses. I loooove my hair today btw ~♥ Volume maxxxx <3

I just love my hair in this screenshot of a video I'm not gonna show you! xD aaaaand I myself prefer my hair curly, because I always get sweet compliments from strangers about it. Makes me happy ^^



Omid said...

you look beautiful in your new dress! you are a really good artist!

have you ever taken any sewing class, Tilde?

I think curly hair makes you more beautiful than straight so keep your hair curly, ofcourse I don't expect you to do whatever I say , but this is my opinion, Tilde! ;)


juju said...

Yeah because me , i prefer straight hair :D even if you're beautiful with any of these 2 hairstyle . you already know my preference about it ^^ & nice work with this dress ! <3

Sören said...

Looks realy good!
How long does it take to do it?!

Am I a stranger? :P

Tirin said...

my hair or the dress? xD haha

i'm guessing you're reffering to my hair.. it doesn't take long since all i do is straighten my bangs and use hair spray!

Elin said...

wow nice done! :O
Realy like what you did with your dress, sucha change!