Monday, November 22, 2010

About my future

I made to video blogs about my future :) hehe Can't rotate them though, sorryyyy! Don't break your necks watching (and watch them in full screen if you want, hehehehehe)!

And the other one (of course I had to change into another outfit);



Anonymous said...

You look pretty sad while you're telling all those things ??? :(

Omid said...

No, I don't think she is sad. I think she speaks in a low tone and these videos must have been recorded at night!

anyway, we now that Tilde is feeling sick thesedays as she said in the last post "I'm getting a cold" and it's natural that when you feel sick you cannot be energetic!
as your friend, I am perhaps your biggest fan. Good luck on your next video-blog Tilde!

I wish you lots of success for the FUTURE! :)

Tilde said...

i'm not sad and not sick. the sound is just low for some reason

Omid said...

okay okay!
I'm happy that you are not sad and not sick!
if you got upset because of my comment, I'm sorry, excuse me Tilde! :)

Lilmargi said...

Well, Tilde, I'll watch your videos several times until I'll understand some words xDDDD I told you, I'm bad at English (specially at listening). But I'm curious, I want to know what you dream about your future, because I think it has to be a wonderful dream. They say that if you think positive and optimistic, you'll have good luck. And I think you're a positive girl, something I admire. In fact, I'm veery pessimistic U^^

Tilde said...

Haha well sorry that the sound is so low, I don't know why that happened... xD about jobs i don't know what i want to do, but i want to live in a big city and have a job that i find interesting and fun! it's true that you should always stay positive if you want to succeed, so i try my best :')