Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"You glow like an angel"

Aaaah I will sooo fail on my exam... it was so difficult! I did study, but still there were words I had never heard before. It sucks, I don't want to have to re-take the exam... :( Anyway, I'm gonna go get my package from Nelly in about three hours...

I made a video a few days ago about my dialect and a little about other dialects in Swedish, but I haven't uploaded the video on my blog yet. I'm not sure if I should... x)

Hmm I never get any comments these days, but that's ok, I'll keep on blogging anyways! :D I have to finish writing the letter to my Japanese penfriend Ayaka! Oh and today at the exam, one of the teachers walked up to me where I was sitting and said "you glow like an angel" with a smile on her face :) haha so cute!



El Parisian said...

here is a comment ;)
you say u did a video some days ago , but it's not a French one ... so u've time to make a video , but you don't have time for a french oneeeeeeeee .. so again i'm sad . anyway i'm used to now :p

Tilde said...

haha sorry xD i just don't know what to say in french since my french kinda sucks.. so help me :(

Anonymous said...

You always look super cute!