Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why can't we just be forever you and me? ♫

Me right now! My hair looks awesome :) I tried the "socks in hair"-curls, except I didn't sleep in it, I just wore them for a couple of hours at home. Bad quality, but yeah, webcam in my dark room! but it looks so cute!
So I brushed my hair today, first time in about a month or something, and I lost sooo much hair! Felt like I was going bald or something! xD You can't tell any difference luckily... My sister is visiting this weekend. We might go shopping tomorrow, but she wants to go around 11 and I'm probably sleeping that early! Gonna watch Criminal minds soon :)



Chris said...

youve got such great hair, =]

Monica/handbruten said...

Hej! Vilka vackra ögon du har!
Ha en bra dag!