Saturday, October 9, 2010

What the fuck happened?

Where do all the people get their awesome friends from? I used to have them too, but these days there are 4 categories among my friends; 1. Liars 2. People who just aren't there when I need them 3. People that are too busy to be a real friend 4. People that live too far away.... It sucks because I seriously don't have anyone to talk to when I really need to talk. I always just keep these things to myself, but this is my blog so I can write whatever I want. Why do people change? When did they change? What happened...?

Anyway, I'll try to stay positive, it's just really hard sometimes. I'm gonna watch documentaries and eat candy, so I'll be in a better mood eventually... It's at times like this that I really need my future puppy!! :(



Anonymous said...

people always change , we just have to admit it . World is still turning , no matter what :)

ベーサ said...

I know exactly what you mean...
I kinda "lost" my friends too a while ago.
Don't worry, I think you just have to wait a little bit 'till you find the people worth calling them "friends"!

Everything changes all the time ^^

Chaudie said...

I have had to delete all my near by friends because they did more harm to me than good. It seems that only my husband is my best friend.

Omid said...

Tilde, I am your friend, but I think you dont like me!
but I like you!

you can count on me!;)