Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's outfit :)

This is me today! Wohoo, Monday again...

Top - New Yorker
Shirt - no idea, it's actually my mom's, haha.. could be from MQ
Jeans - H&M (the only pair from H&M I have that are actually good!)
Shoes - Nelly(.com)
Bag - Found it at home
Fury vest - Vila

So on Wednesday I have an exam, wiiieee.... and right now I'm addicted to We the kings - What you do to me! It's so awesome! Anyway, I have to study some AWL words for the exam, FUN! Have a good day, dear readers ~



☆モモ☆ said...

Beautiful outfits! Love them! xoxo Momo

Sören :) said...

great style honey! =))