Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today I got a package from Nelly! It was my awesome powder foundation from Lily Lolo. I decided to buy it because my mom has been complaining about me using too much colors when it's almost winter now. So yeah, this will be my fall/winter foundation and my "old" will be my spring/summer foundation.
I also got a lipgloss for free with my order, whatcha think? ;D I love this color ♥
The girl/woman who worked where I went to get my package told me I have hair like an angel! Aww :) So I think I'm going out with Lina today to that karaoke thing. Therefore, I have to change my clothes!



Shahana Style said...

I LOVE this make-up! You look great here. The old look was nice, but this one is a big step up. It fits you better.

Tirin said...

well thank you :)

Flo' :) said...

wanna kiss youu :p