Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-decorating my room today

I decorated a box which I had my nail decorations & nail polish in, buuut now I have necklaces in it. I also got a bracelet that my dad found at my grandmother's, but it's too big, I'll use it as ankle jewelry instead.

So yesterday I met with Lina and Johan and we watched Knight and day! It was good, but mostly because of the actors (Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise)... Usually I don't like Tom Cruise, but he was great in this movie, plus the movie was kinda funny :)

I'm gonna watch horror movies all night today! Also, thanks to the people who write nice comments! It makes me happy :)



Lilmargi said...

Hi, Tilde. I'm a Spanish girl and I wanted you to know that I love love your style! I wish I were so pretty as you, but well, I'm a teacher and I'm 25, and we all know that some people would'nt accept a gyaru teacher, right? xDD At least in my country.

I've read your blog since yesterday, and I like your sincerity and your self-confidence. I think make-up is for fun, too. Keep being so beautifull and intelligent. Kisses from Andalusia, Spain.

Tilde said...

Thank you so much! :) oh yes, i understand that it must be hard to be gyaru when you're a teacher, since you must have a "professional" look xD

that makes me so happy to hear! really, thank you!

Anonymous said...

so when we're going to start with sisters blogging? ;)

Tilde said...

whenever you want! :) if you have msn it's easier to talk about it