Monday, October 25, 2010

No school today :)

I found this cute denim shirt! It's too big since it's my mom's, but it looks good with a belt :) Nevermind I have white socks on and look like an alien! I also look short, hmm...

Ah today I was gonna change the thingy on the back of the earring because my new piercing hurt, and since I couldn't loosen it, I wanted to change the whole back part of it. Instead, I accidently took out the whole earring and had such a hard time putting it back in! It hurt like hell and with new piercings, you always almost get it through, like there's a little skin in the way and you're like "where the hell is the whole on the back???"...! Or maybe that's just me... xD Oh well, at least I didn't faint or anything.

A bonus pic of my brother making chocolate pudding, yum!

I ordered a waist corset to go with my costume for Halloween. I just have to make the skirt more poofy, it'll look so cute! I'll show you pics of it later. :)



Noid. said...

u are usually not allowed to change earring until u have waited for the wound to heal for a couple of i guess it was kind of a bad idea.but still good luck with it.

Tilde said...

i know, i changed the thing on the back! i have 3 other piercings already so i know those things xD

Malice said...

Omg your brother knows how to make food! wish my brother did! and that shirt looks way cute!