Sunday, October 17, 2010

My sister and I ♥

Right now I'm texting my sister who's having guy problems... xD We're so different, her and I. We're like opposites, seriously, how can sisters be so different from each other? I'm kinda calm and I love writing and deep conversations - she's obsessed with clubbing and stuff like that. I would say I'm pretty mature, and she's super childish, haha... It's kinda good though, we can take advices from each other, but mostly her from me ;)

We used to have lots of arguments and fights when we were younger (really, I have a lot of scars from her, like under my lip [you can't see it unless you "strech" the skin] from when she threw a remote control on me... buuuut I almost always "won" our fights because she was the one who started crying).

Oh and btw, if you think I'm ego, it's because you haven't met her.
"Old" pic of us!

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