Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovelipop Gal-cir

Hello :) A while ago I joined the Swedish gal-cir Lovelipop, founded by the cute Miyu! We haven't really gotten started yet, but Miyu made our website; ♥ and we're planning a meet up this fall/winter in Stockholm. That will be so much fun! (I took the cute pic in the sidebar menu-thingy from Rikatan)

For those of you who have no idea what a gal-cir is, it stands for girl circle, and it's a group of girls who share the same interests in fashion and make up, who get together and do stuff :)

Since Miyu is the founder of our gal-cir, she also decides who can join and who can't. Obviously you have to look the part, but I don't think you have to live in Sweden...? For me, the style is mostly about make up. If you have the clothes and not the make up, you don't look like you belong to the style, but if you do your make up correctly and do not necessarily have the right clothes, you do. Anyway, more info about the gal-cir can be found on our website/blog, and I'll write more about it when we decide a date for our first meet up and such.


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