Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lalala... ♫

Jaja, "you're showing too much skin!" blablabla... Well, think about when you get old and fat, or wrinkly with a saggy body, you'll soooo regret not showing off what you once had. That goes with pretty much everything; enjoy it while you have it.

I need to have a horror movie night soon! I also need to study but I don't want to. I should be a billionaire so I could just travel all the time and not have to go to school :/ and then just start my own business... aww...



El Parisian said...

too much skin ? noooo , too much clothes again! =====DDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

jaja is plain right

Flo :) said...

it looks like a professional model photo!! good job tilde!! i lovee iit (as much as you :p haha) <3

Omid said...

Tilde, I see that you love to wear high-heels! but listen , wearing high-heels is not good!
I like you and I say it! I'm not jealous or something! I am a boy , u r a girl!
but please if you like to stay hot and have a charming body for all time then read these 2 article + search about wearing high-heels on the internet!

Always your friend,


Marcio said...

jeez keep it hot take it all off if u will ;) the sexier the better and fuck it if u get wrinkly beauty fades, its only natural, but being smart leads to great conversations and a long lasting love life :)
<3 xxxx

shinai said...

i hope youre not showing everyone your body.

you are still mine. have you forgotten?

Helena said...

hey shinai, be careful about what you are saying! she is not yours!
is she a material that you own her!
she is a human , you cannot own her!

am i right Tilde?

El Parisian said...

Tilde is a future model , don't worry she's just practicing the Art Of Posing , and at my taste , she's good for it ! ;)


Omid said...

Parisian , I don't think so!
she always says that she wants to be a globe trotter!

modeling is not a really good job , if a person become a model , he/she can work just for some years, and those years are when he/she is young! also he/she becomes famous which is not really good, then he/she cannot keep up his/her private life!
but modeling is one of those money-maker jobs!

I think each person should research about advantages and disadvantages of his/her future job!

what do you think?

shinai said...

Helena dont worry. Shes in good hands :)

El Parisian said...


When i said my comment , it was not for real , i know she won't be a model , i just said it like a teasing-joke .
I know what you mean and I think like you about the fact that being model is not so cool , it's a special world , but why not doing it only as a hobbie to earn some money more.