Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just another drawing...

HAH! I'm drawing and watching Made on MTV, where there's a girl who wants to be made into a "beautiful independent woman", so her coach took her shopping... hoooow is she supposed to get better self-confidence when she's forced to dress in clothes not even my grandmother would wear?! Her shirt is so gross, eewwww! What are they thinking?? I could do a much better job! First of all, burn that horrible shirt and second; her hair is curly but she's brushing it! That's a big nono! It makes the hair frizzy! You do not brush curly hair!

Uuuh I haven't been drawing in soooo long so I'm "rediscovering" my awesome skills... haha... I think I'm doing pretty good for never having taken any classes (except those useless ones in junior high). Okay I need lunch now!


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