Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's here :)

Yay I got my waist corset today and I lovelovelove it! Here's a pic:
It's impossible to look "fat" in it (but I guess it's going to be hard to breathe in it after a while if you're not used to it and wear it for a long time), although I wouldn't edxactly call myself fat in the first place. I still love the corset though, it highlights my awesome waist (umm...?)! ♥ Now I can finally put on my costume for Halloween and take pictures! - or force my brother to take pics of me!

I don't know how to do my hair for halloween though; natural curls? Straight hair? Fake curls? One braid? Two braids? Maybe I just need to leave my hair alone for a while, I don't want to damage it too much...



Anonymous said...

I wasn't really paying attention at the corset. I was stalking at your shoes! :D Nice one Tilde. Maybe you should try fauxhawk for the corset. ;)

Tilde said...

well thanks! a fauxhawk?? i don't think that would look good on me x) and i meant a hair-do for halloween, when i'm wearing a red cape all the time.. so i can't do too much with the hair >_<

Nichlas Samuelsen said...

Måste bara slänga en kommentar, galet snyggt med korsetten!
Du har sån söt still att man får tappa hakan litegrann