Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm so Swedish today (...?)

First, some egoness:
 I hate my neighbors! Who starts cutting down trees at 7~ in the morning?! Sucks... Anyway, today I look super "Swedish" with this shirt :) It's my mom's old shirt, haha...

Also, I was looking at photos in albums from when my parents were young. My mom, who is such a strict person, lived in Spain for a while and she was a party person! No wonder my sister is... I also saw lots of pics of guys! Her old boyfriend was actually pretty handsome... haha, funny :) Dad was (and still is) such a good person. I think I took after him more.

My brother and I made pancakes ("Swedish" ones, of course) for brunch, but now I'm gonna eat the rest of them because they're much better cold, with raspberry jam! :D Yay!



El Parisian said...

sexyyy pics with this top !

Chris said...

who has the blonde hair. your mom or your daddy?

Tilde said...

my mom... dad was blonde when he was young though, then it turned brown x)

French_Boy_20 said...

Amazing pictures ;)
The french boy.