Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm in loooove ~♥

... with these hotties! ♥

I waaaaant them! I might buy them, but I haven't decided yet... I actually need winter boots, so I don't know if I should spend money on other shoes... I mean I need to save money so I can travel! I just fell for these shoes though, I love blue shoes! Ah, I need a rich husband that can buy stuff like these for me ;) Nah, I'm gonna get an awesome job in the future so I can afford everything I want myself (although it would be good to have a husband to pay for it, haha).

Now I'm off to school! Going to learn about the US government, yay.....



El Parisian said...

That's not serious tilde , use money for usefull things :D first i think u've enough shoes , and as you say , winter is coming ;)

Miyu said...

Jag har faktiskt redan startat den! Jag har börjat "samla in" några medlemmar, och just nu är vi 4 stycken. Du kan hitta "listan" i min sidebar på bloggen :D