Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween costume

Here's my halloween costume! I know you can't really see it, that's because I'm going to let you wait until tomorrow to see what it really looks like! and yes, I know black shoes would look much better to this outfit, but I don't want them to "pop out" so much, so I'll just go with red. Although I can't wear them at Selma's because of her floor (can't wear high heels)... I'll take pics with Alex when she gets here tomorrow :)

Okay so Shinai forced me to write about him... umm.... HEJ SHINAI! ♥ Now I have to watch TV.


Omid said...

Hi Tilde!
your outfit is really stunning!
I wish you will gain a lot of candies! :D haha

how many books you have!
all of those books are for you?

have you read them all?

Tilde said...

candy?? i'm not exactly going for trick or treat, i'm not 5 xDD

are you kidding me? i hate books, lol

Omid said...


you hate books and you have many many books! if you didn't hate books, I think you would have brought oxford library in your home! hahaha :D

any way , I wish you a happy Halloween , don't forget me in Halloween!
in my country we don't have Halloween!
oh , see how many times I used Halloween :D haha

Tilde said...

haha but they're not my books!!! xD

Omid said...

haha, okay!
can you play an instrument too, Tilde?

Anonymous said...

sweetie, love the outfit! ;)
ok-ok, now i know why u said u can't do fauxhawk. i forgot about what character u chose. haha..

btw, i'm your new follower.
check my blog and if you're interested to do sisters blogging, holla at me-! i'm looking for few friends to do this.. i like yours. ^^