Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Det är så, du vet"

Today I felt like drawing, so I made a pic of Xiaxue since she's my favorite blogger! :D and yes the real drawing looks much better since I had to take a pic of it because the scanner is downstairs.

and today I went to the mall with Lina :) I found my blue shoes, but not in my size so I couldn't buy them... That sucks! I'm in love with them.. :/ Maaaybe once they get my size I'll buy them. We'll see though, I need to save money. I told Lina we should travel for New year's Eve, but she wasn't too excited about it... xD I want to go to London or Paris, it's not that expensive. Hmmm...



Sören :) said...

Very good painting! :)

Omid said...

oh wow!

I didn't that you can draw like this! :D

hey Tilde, i have an idea!
you know what?

you can go on streets and draw people's face and earn a lot of euros!:) nice idea, ha ?:D
and then we share our money together $_$ :D