Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desperate housewives on TV today :)

Alex just texted and said it might snow tomorrow! It can't snow! It's only October! What's wrong with the weather? :( Hmm today I barely have any make up on... I'll live in front of the TV this evening; Despterate housewives, Cougar town, documentaries, aww... I want to travel (as usual)... and I have to decide what to study in spring, except I don't want to study, I want to travel! At least live some place else and do something other than studying something I'm not interested in! Sucks :(



Chris said...

itss been hot here. ;p <3

Elena said...

I've been watching Jersey Shore lately, it's really cold here in Canada too but I don't think it'll snow this month.
You should travel to Paris in December so we can hang out :]

Tilde said...

Elena: You'll be in Paris in December? :'D we'll see if i can travel somewhere around then, but i really hope so! ^^

Elena said...

If not maybe I can go to Sweden for a few days since my family does wana travel around Europe and they wana go skiing soo xD