Saturday, October 30, 2010

At Selma's

Haha I'm not good at taking pictures at events, but this was just a Halloween dinner party, with a group of friends, so it's not like it was a big party with 100s of people.

Here's a pic of Alex (she was supposed to be a doll or something, she had this hat-thingy, haha), me and H. (he dressed up as some guy from a TV show from the 80s, but no one knew who that was so we just called him "the mustache man").
Here's a pic of my costume;

Selma has the cutest cat! She's so friendly and fluffy! She licked my hand/wrist all the time! Did she like my perfume? :P I felt like kidnapping her (and so did Alex and Selma's friend from Stockholm).

Hmm I just realized that I don't have any friends with the same interests as I have. Like, obviously all girls like shopping, but none of my friends like it as much as I do and they do not have the same taste in clothes (or makeup, hah). So that's a reason I love the internet and fashion communities and stuff  ☆ Just sayin'... xD



Love said...

You look great!
I really like your blog and your pictures!

Tilde said...

thank you :)

Minna said...

You're so gorgeous, I hope that I ll become as stylish as you're

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you look great! xD
Too bad I missed my Halloween Party.. :( I'm soooo frustrated! urgghh~

Haha~ I know how it feels having no friends with the same interests etc. Fashion and make up are totally my thingy. I know you like them too! ^w^

Anonymous said...

det var många som var rödluvan på halloween:P Om jag hade varit stora stygga vargen hade jag ätit upp alla och blivit så tjock att jag skulle få bli deltagare i biggest looser...