Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why vote for racists???

All of you who say I look like a doll, here's a pic for ya! The wonders of make up (and some photo editing, obviously, it's not like I'm yellow and don't have a nose) ;D
So on Sunday there's an election in Sweden, and what scares me is that a party called SD (they're racists!!) will get a lot of votes! Wtf people! They want to stop all immigration to Sweden and they've said in interviews that they want to send all non-Swedish people back to where they came from (even though the person being interviewed wasn't Swedish herself).

Of course I don't want immigrants coming here who never learn the language and don't work or contribute to the society in any way. No one wants people like that living in their country, right? But what's wrong with people coming here to get a better life? Or to work? Maybe to be with someone they love?

I seriously don't understand people who say it's wrong to "mix races"... There are no races, there's just the humanrace! We just look different because evolution made us that way to adapt to the place we live in. You can't hate someone because of the way he/she looks! Uuuuurghhhh... I hate racists & neo-nazis and people like that (and I also hate people who discriminate women, that's something that really gets me angry).

If SD gets more than 4% of the votes I will have lost all faith in my people (with "my people" being Swedes). Just ignorant people would vote for them, xenophobic people. Seriously, save up some money to travel and see the world, to find out that no matter where you go, there are people just like you. We're all alike, we just happened to be born in different places. So why would you deserve living here and not them?

So please Sweden, grow some braincells and vote for parties that will make this a better country. Thank you.



coko-chan said...

you look like a doll ! cute !!

Omid said...

Tilde shame on that party!shame!

Anonymous said...

Sweden is not doing any favours for the arabs by letting them immigrate and re-settle. There arn't enough jobs to go around for the people that are already living in Sweden, so immigration must be halted until that problem is resolved. SD are not racists, they have just been stigmatised that way by the left wing nutjobs that run our beautiful country. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country, the values that made that country great and protecting the Swedish way of life.

Tilde said...

herregud du kan inte seriöst försvara dem och säga att de inte är rasister. ALLA som inte håller på dem vet att de är RASISTER. de erkänner ju själva att de inte tycker om invandrare eller att man ska blanda svenskar med utländska!

om det inte skedde någon invandring hade vi varit helt isolerade från andra kulturer och så (såvida man inte åker utomlands, men de flesta svenskar semestrar ju faktiskt i Sverige)och då hade nog alla människor varit rädda för utlänningar.

så länge de sköter sig och omfamnar Sverige, svenskar och den svenska kulturen är det bara bra.. och om de tar ett jobb från svenskar, SPELA ROLL så länge de är mer kvalificerade en svensken. jag har hellre en superduktig utländsk läkare t.ex. än en helt okej svensk.

och "the Swedish way of life" förstörs inte bara för att folk utifrån vill ta del av det.

Noid. said...

one love.one nation.SD reminds me of a far-right greek party called LAOS(meaning people).all those neo nazi scums need hanging.stop racism fuck fascism