Thursday, September 9, 2010

What good horror movies are there? :/

Here's a big pic for ya, just because my make up looks awesome :)

So today I had school and my literature teacher is so cute somehow :) She's from Canada and she really looks like a person who reads a lot (yeah she looks like a nerd), with dark long hair and big thick glasses, ha... We discussed The kite runner a bit, but we already got a new book to read! Omg I hate school! I don't even like to read...

About the clothes I wrote about in the last post... I will get them next week, I think. It says the package will reach me within 1-3 days. Anyway, no school tomorrow, so I'm already in weekend now! Yaay! ~♫

Tonight I might watch a movie and eat some ice cream, yum! :) Oh I had this really weird dream where everyone was turning into zombies and then Michael Jackson showed up and dance-kicked all the zombies to Thriller, hahahaha so weird! Does everybody have completely random dreams? xD



Jennifer :) ~ said...

you're beautiful :)

Tirin said...

thank you~♥

Omid said...

oh Tilde!
you look awsome!

but could you please put a big photo from yourself without makeup and without photoshop editing?

you are not gentle man but you are a true gentle lady!
I saw your new jeans , they were too skinny, how many hours you can wear them?

Tirin said...

hahah no way neverever! and i don't use photoshop, i use a website to fix contrast, etc. :)

and those are not jeans, they're lggins/jeggins, and i could even sleep in them