Sunday, September 12, 2010

Swedish lesson time!

Okay so I made another Swedish video, because people have told me I should, and they seem to want to learn... I'm not the best teacher, but enjoy;

Update: I just realized I misspelled my blogname in the video :) haha



juju said...

i want french video :((

Tilde said...

aww then make me a script because my french isn't that good xD i might be able to make one myself, but it'd be a short one..

juju said...

ok i'll do it later today ;)

Omid said...

hi Tilde!

you forgot something really important in your nice video blog!
you know what is that?

that is you didn't mention my country in your country list!
try to tell Iran again in your other videoblog! okay?

by the way , your voice and accent is really great, it makes us sleep! blah blah blah...

another thing is that...well...I am shy to say that...okay...but I want to mention it:D...wearing red lipstick makes your lips more bigger and it makes you really really beautiful! ; )

ah Tilde, sorry for my long comment!

Tilde said...

what do you mean makes you sleep??? that's so rude!! xDD haha

thanks for the compliment though

Om!d said...

oh Tilde , you didnt get what I meant by "make sleep"!
I think you though +-18 ... blah blah blah!
I meant your voice is sexy!

any way sorry!
believe me that I am not kind of those rude boys!

i'll never tell such things to you again Tilde! :)

Tilde said...

oh.. hahaha okay xD