Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping & more b-day presents :)

Today I met with Lina in the centre, because I wanted to go shopping! And shopping I did! There was a sale on Lindex, so I bought a few things... I wanted it in blue too, but they didn't have my size :( elakt!

I also got presents from Lina! Gotta love the sunglasses (from London)! ♥ and the cute candle that looks like a cake!

I also brought Lina to meet Gii for a while, just walking around. I was soooo hungry, didn't have lunch today. Okay so this evening I'll watch a movie and eat ice cream! Ah, better hurry it's getting late...



juuuu said...

future model ;) lovely

Tiny said...

Looks nice :)
I fredags intog jag och mitt lilla dance team gatorna i sundsvall. Se bilderna på min blogg hur vi tar över staden med dans och sprider glädje och liv i Svallet.

Peys / Tiny

Elena said...

You have an amazing body!
I think I have a girl crush on you D:

Tilde said...

haha thanks guys! :D