Thursday, September 9, 2010


I ordered these two dresses and skirt a while ago, so I should get them this week..? The dresses are a bit too long for my taste (especially the black one) so I'll make them shorter I think. :)

I just realize people seem to "trust" me quickly without really knowing me. I'm not saying they shouldn't, but I'm just curious why... and what about guys writing to me because they think I'm good-looking, but just end up obsessing over their ex?? What's up with that?! I don't even know you, so why would I want to know about your ex?! Go see a therapist or something, at least they get paid to listen to it.

Of course, if you're a friend of mine and need to talk about your ex, then sure I'll listen. But what's up with the people talking about their exes to girls/guys they're actually interested in? There was a TV show where they said that the two worst things to do on a date is; 1. Let the girl pay.. 2. Talk about your ex. Thank you!
I meant if you're on a date, aren't you supposed to focus on the person you're with rather than someone in your past?

Now I understand it's not easy to go through a breakup but talking about it with strangers? Seriously? I don't know if people agree with me, but GET OVER IT! Do you really think I have time to listen to strangers' personal life? I'm not interested.

Hopefully this post will make people understand not to talk about that with me. If not, I'll just tell it to their faces.



Juju said...

Fashion dresses and for me it's not too long ^^
otherwise yeah you should tell when someone you barely know talk about Ex ect.. that this person should find someone else for his problems ;)

Tirin said...

i think they're too long xDD i need to show my awesome legs ;) haha

yeaaah i know! i have but some people just keep going on and on and on about it.. sucks!