Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Confessions of a shopaholic"

Uuuuhhh my throat is killing me! You can really tell that it's fall now, yesterday it was raining yellow leaves and some trees are now turning red. Summer was too short, as always. I already miss it... :/

So today I have a seminar for my linguistics course, and tomorrow there's a literature seminar, and we're supposed to have read some chapters from a book I haven't even gotten yet. Now I'm gonna write an e-mail to the woman in charge of this course (again) and tell her I want to take the course here in Västerås.

Hmm what else...? Oh I sorta bought some more stuff (I'm an addict, yeah I know), this time make up stuff! I bought false lashes, because I mean.. my blog is linked on gyaru-sites, and you can't really be gyaru without big-ass lashes, right? :D I ordered two different kinds, plus "individual lashes" that I'm gonna use as bottom lashes. I can't wait for them to get here, I wanna try some styles to make my eyes really big! I love experimenting with make up (but then again, what girl doesn't?)! I ordered some other stuff too, but you'll see once it gets here! It could be tomorrow, or Friday, we'll see.

Haha I just realized I've been ordering stuff from every month since April. A bit too many things this month though... I have to stop or else I'll be broke. Oh well, at least I don't go to the mall every weekend anymore, and soon I'll be getting an allowance from CSN :)

Lashes I'm getting...

It's funny how the last post was about politics and this one is about such shallow stuff ;D


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