Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No school today..

Summer clothes (though it's fall and cold)... wiiieee
I've started to love red lipstick, kinda... Anyway I didn't use any eyeliner today, just eyeshadow and mascara, and I think I look older than I usually do! xD So... nevermind my messy room.
Right now I'm watching a documentary about The mermaid-girl... I love documentaries, especially those about medical stuff, like rare diseases and such. Wait... she doesn't have any legs or anything (she looks like a mermaid) so how does she use the bathroom...? Oh they just said that now on TV. Hmm anyway, now I want ice cream... :/



Anonymous said...

I gave you an award so because i absolutely enjoy the things you post! check my page for more info :3

i linked your blog too :D

Tilde said...

aww thank you <3

xo.- R said...

Such a random post, haha I like it. And those are really cute shoes.

Tilde said...

haha i'm always random... :P thanks ^^