Sunday, September 19, 2010


I look damn weird in this pic, but whatever (Lina didn't want to be in it)! I'm wearing the new skirt from Stylebystars, which I finally got yesterday! I'll show you the rest of the clothes tomorrow :) I'm gonna sew one of the dresses though, because it was too long for my taste.

So today it was Kulturnatten (culture night) which is basically an event every fall where there are concerts, free movies and art exhibitions, etc. There were a lot of people out, but it wasn't so much fun anyway... Good company is always good though :)

I met my brother there and we walked home together. I was hugging his arm as we walked because it was cold, but there were some guys whistling at me! Wtf! What if my brother wouldn't have been my brother? and they couldn't possibly know he was... so disrespectful xD Anyway, going to bed now.


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Hey~ you have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award, please come and claim it =) !