Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm ready for fall/winter!

I bought a new coat and new boots today! My legs are too skinny for most boots, but I finally found a pair that doesn't look like they're a couple sizes too big for me! Happy!~

Anyway today's "class" was kinda fun :) We sat in small goups to discuss hegemony and stuff, and movies where there are minority groups in hegemony, etc... and they were like "but this movie that everyone watched when it came out... in the late 80s or early 90s", and I was like "uuummm I was born in 1991...." xD Anyway, it was kinda nice. I learned the word "unfathomable"! Never heard that one before, it was in a poem, haha :)

Okay so tonight Gii will come to Västerås! He said he bought me a b-day present, niiiiiice! :D And since I don't have school anymore this week I can be up late, mwahah... Although I have to finish reading The Kite Runner until next Thursday......

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