Monday, September 27, 2010

I want summer back!

I have to go to school soon :/ at least I don't have to go to that other city today. Ah I have to read another book for the literature course... Or well, I have to read many books, but for now In the skin of a lion and Sula. Anyone read those? xD

Here's the other floral dress from BikBok :)

I'm gonna eat some homemade pizza now (though I didn't make it), and then I have to get going to school! Most of the time I have really short school days, and I don't have school everyday... Tomorrow and on Thursday I have school from about 13.15-15.00 though I have to add about 2 hours (that it takes to get there and get home)...

My sister will come home this week :) We're gonna go to my granddad's funeral on Friday... It's in Norberg so we're gonna leave on Thursday. I don't want to cry in public (yeah I'm one of those people who don't want to show too much emotion in front of others)...

Ok, gotta eat now! See ya ~♥



juju said...

hej hej . just to say i've read Sula when i was in highschool :D
enjoy ur day <3

Tilde said...

so then we have to discuss it later on :D:D