Sunday, September 26, 2010

I wanna travel :/

It's funny how people base their criticism on absolutely nothing, like "she's pretty, she must be stupid because she can't possibly be better than me". People in general are more interested in people who look like they care about their looks than people who don't. You also get treated better in stores, etc. if you're good-looking, why why wouldn't you want that? And did you know, people who care about their looks aren't stupid, more like the opposite because good-looking people earn way more money than ugly people! So why wouldn't you care about your looks when it'll make you richer? Why not make your life "easier" with the cost of just a little vanity? Huh? Who's the stupid one now?

And I just have to say this: I do not think girls without make up are ugly, I just think they look plain and boring. Yes, some girls look beautiful without make up, but most people do not. I have no problem with what I look like without make up, I think I look pretty cute (not in most pics though, haha), but I look boring and that's what I hate.

Also, just because my blog is about clothes and make up doesn't mean my life revolves around that (although it is a hobby of mine). This is a blog about clothes and make up, etc. Why would you expect to read about global warming or whatever on a FASHION BLOG?

Okay I'm gonna stop writing about those people with really low self-esteem, it's getting boring. So! Right now I'm watching a horror movie that's not scary at all, like most other horror movies. I slept for 5~ hours this night and I usually need 10 hours of sleep, but despite that I'm not really that tired. I want my sister to come home :/

(Why do I get the feeling that most of my haters are unemployed, single male losers?)

Really... middleaged single loser guys, get a fucking life! Let me be me, it's not like my blog will change anything, why not just get the hell off it? This is a FREE WORLD! I have the rights to my opinions without being hated on. I happen to love make up and vain things, so?? What's the big deal?? It's not like I'm the only one in this world who's vain. And it doesn't mean I'm not a deep person. You don't know me at all, stop pretending like you do (even though it seems like you wish you did since you keep commenting on my blog, deperately trying to get my attention). Now I could go on like this forever about how pathetic it is with people like you, but that's just what it is; pathetic. So this will be the last attention I'll ever give you. Now I'm gonna watch a documentary instead :)


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Rahul said...

nice bloggdesign, I like that you write in english, quite odd to see in sweden these days :D

vackra ögon :)