Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have a fever :/

How is it that we only let the bad things get to us? I mean, we may hear hundreds of compliments everyday, but it's the one negative thing that gets stuck in our minds. Do we secretly want to criticize ourselves? Why do we let others do it? What do we get out of it? We might say we don't care about what others think of us, but is that really true? I mean I don't really care, but if someone says something mean to me, it just hurts, even though I know it's not true or whatever. How come we need everyone to like us? Why are we so available for critique? And whyyyy do people have to hate on each other? Well obviously to make themselves feel better, but they would never dare say it face to face so it's just lame. They should learn to love themselves without having to be mean to someone else (really, they should have learned this in school by young age).

Anyway... Right now I'm talking with Florian about piano songs! I adore people who can play the piano well. I'm so gonna marry a man who can play it :)



Noid. said...

i guess i never have a chance at all.

Noid. said...


Tilde said...

wha do you mean?

Noid. said...

to marry you

Tilde said...

because you don't play the piano? :P

Flo' : ) said...

i think you should ignore critiques or what people think about you exept when it's from friends !! a lot of jealous, or stupid people tell bad critiques or stuff, just mind ones from friends, they are the important one (as if they are bad)!!

btw i really have to start playing piano!! well i actually can play drums, and you piano, we could play for fun :p
and hope you liked the piano song i sent you :)