Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's my hate, right back at ya

I know I shouldn't bother wasting time on losers (Shinai tells me that all the time, du är så bra ♥), but I'm just so fucking fed up with haters! Sometimes I just wanna disappear from the internet, because that's where they all hide. No one would ever dare hate on someone else (me) in real life, because they are such insecure people they would be too scared to even look me in the eyes.

Once again, I totally agree with Xiaxue that ugly people talk shit about good-looking people because they're too ugly no one bothers talking bad about their looks or criticize them because they feel bad for them. Good-looking people always take the crap because people are jealous. They're intimidated so by a person's good looks that they just have to call them fake/plastic, because they feel they look so bad themselves. With this I'm not saying I'm super pretty or anything (Xiaxue is right once again, pretty girls are insecure about their looks because people criticize them so much, but yes I actually would call myself pretty), but I know I'm better looking than all the people hating on me (see the pattern?).

I know people will never stop criticizing others, because there will always be ugly insecure people out there who wants to feel better about themselves by telling a prettier person he/she is ugly. Although I'm just curious, why me? I'm such a sweet girl (honestly, I am [unless you're mean to me first because I will bitch back]), why would this make you feel better? Honestly, I don't care if you think I'm ugly, but telling me I'm stupid? Oh no, don't even go there! In my family there are no dumb people; professors, lawyers, members of Mensa... (I'm even related to the richest family in Sweden [not closely related but still]). I don't care if I look like a doll or whatever; there's so much more to me than that, but you're just too threatened that there might be some brains in this blonde girl, that you go call me stupid without knowing any better.

Mess with me in real life and I will kill you (not physically, obviously, but mentally). Now I know better than to argue with people over the internet, I mean seriously, how lame is that - calling someone stupid online when you can't even spell yourself? And hell, you wouldn't even have the guts to talk to me if you did meet me, so why waste your time over the internet? I do not want to hear your criticizm, it does not affect me (other than making me damn annoyed over how immature you are), and I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better in the long run.

So all of you wussy haters; FUCK THE HELL OFF.


Dr.dr said...

hey hey hey...stop...lets go together!

you showed your real face!
you r such a selfish girl that thinks she is better and prettier than the other!

I think you have some psychological complexes that you just wanna show off!

by the way you should thank God for your beauty and not be proud of it!

recently I read in an article that researchers have proven that blond girls get angry much sooner than those girls with black hairs!
and also they get sexually satisfied much sooner than the other girls!

and you prove it too by this post!


Anonymous said...

Wow...Dr.dr, I hope the irony in you writing "and you prove it too by this post!" isn't wasted within your feeble little skull. You have just proven what Tilde has written in her blog about internet haters. You're an idiot.

Omid said...

okay friends!

don't fight with each other!
well I think that both of you , I mean internet haters and Tilde should observe each other!

maybe Tilde used some curse which made this Dr angry of course I think this Dr is not a real doctor cuz real doctor doesn't come to this private weblog and comment for one of its posts!:D

Chaudie said...

Hey Tilde.

I agree with you completely.

It's hard when you have the haters always nipping at your feet.

And if you want to vent, then vent.

We've all had that problem before.

I was called racial slurs on myspace during my scene and ulzzang days because I had over 10.000 friends.

If you think you're pretty, then that's fine with me. I agree with you.

Omid said...

well I have a question!

what is the meaning of "ulzzang days"?

Tilde said...

so basically you're saying i'm selfing because i love myself and because i'm sick of people complaining about others? yeah, makes total sense

el parisian said...

i just want to say that on internet or in real life , there will always be jealous and proud people , it'll never change and i really don't care about this kiddy problem . all of us should be over this kind of thing ... that's just so stupid . take care of our own life should be the only important thing ;)

Elena said...

I so agree with you Tilde.
Also Dr.Dr you are a MORON.
But I am sure you are well aware of this, honestly you are going on about hair colour, hair colour does nothing, people change their hair colour so honestly that fucking proves nothing, what are you fucking 5 years old? Do you think boys still have kooties?
Also if a girl does get sexually satisfied fast then good for her, because then she gets satisfied more, your point is soooo stupid.
Why in the hell should you thank god (who probably doesn't even exist ) for your looks? Being pretty doesn't come from birth all the time, you need to put a lot of effort, time and money to look good all the time, so shut the fuck up. Honestly.
Go back to pre-school.

Omid said...

:)) hey friends you said about everything except my question!

really I wanna know what is "ulzzang days" I checked in many dictionaries but i couldnt find the meaning:D!

Tilde said...

Elena: haha i officially love you now :D

omid: it's a style/fashion