Monday, September 13, 2010

Future model? ;D

Today when I was in school, looking at a map to see where my class was at, a woman walked up to me and offered me a modelling job! Haha that was so cool! I was running late for class though, so I couldn't give her any contact information, she just got my name, age, that I live in Västerås and that I study English 1. We'll see what happens with that... Probably nothing, but it was fun anyways :)



Florian : ) said...

i told you!! i was sure it would happen!! and surprised it didn't happen before!! so hope it will carry out and maybe that it will drive you to tokyo :D

Tilde said...

haha yeaaah modelling in tokyo<3 xDD

juju said...

hmm i told you too .. since a longtime too .
Modelling in Paris soon ^^

Omid said...

I didnt told you before but I'm tellin' it now thats it!:D
Modelling in Iran soon =_+