Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Good morning my beloved readers! Yesterday I went to meet with Linda to get her (and some other people's) pictures from Japan! It's been 6 months and I haven't gotten them, but now I finally have them! I'll show you some pics... :) Let's start with a couple taken by Linda!

Me & Alex in Akihabara
No make up (because of the visit to Aoyama junior high) with Hachiko!
In Nara
Ramen museum in Shin-Yokohama, awesome place (in a basement)!

Okay here are some artistic pics taken by Nicklas (that I retouched a little);

Okay I don't really have time to post more pics at the moment (have to read and then go get a package that I wasn't supposed to get, but appearantly I got it anyway...)! I might post more pics later! :)



Omid said...

woooha, it seems you enjoyed alot being in Japan and visiting these awsome places!

Tilde said...

yuuuup, it was awesome! :)

Natalie said...

Hej du :)

Vilken mysig blogg du har!
Kika in hos mig på min rosa bakblogg där jag lägger upp sockersöta recept, vackra ordspråk & annat mysigt varje dag!
Kram om dig!
/ HOMEMADE, Natalie